Explore What’s Possible With A Whole-Home Audio System

Every Room of the House Becomes a Listening Oasis

Being able to experience your favorite music, podcasts, and audiobooks in any room of the house doesn’t require you to carry around a portable speaker or turn your phone up to a blaring volume in order to be heard.

Whole-home audio is a possibility with the right system design. Keep reading below to learn how Spire Integrated Systems can bring this fun and exciting smart home solution to your home in Birmingham or the surrounding areas of Michigan!

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The Experience

You’re in the kitchen finishing preparations for dinner and listening to the latest episode of your favorite podcast on Stitcher. With a swipe of your finger, you change the audio source to Spotify and press Play on a fun pop playlist. With another finger tap, you send the audio to the dining room, living room, and outdoor patio. You’re ready for your friends and family to come over for a small dinner party!

Using the same audio system interface, the kids can watch their favorite YouTube videos in the game room without affecting your party playlist. Plus, you can add parental controls that limit what they can listen to and where in the house they listen to it!


Architectural Speakers

Though music flowing through every room of the house sounds like an experience any homeowner would enjoy, having visible speakers in every room is not something everyone prefers. Whether for aesthetic reasons or simply not wanting to dedicate too much square footage to speaker stands or bookshelf speakers, we understand why homeowners would desire a more covert speaker solution.

Luckily, trusted brand partners like Paradigm offer in-wall and in-ceiling architectural speakers with top-in-class audio performance while blending seamlessly into your décor. Instead of prominent floor standing speakers on either side of your TV cabinet, you can opt for Paradigm’s Elite LCR speakers that require a shallow mounting depth of less than 4-inches deep!

Bezel-free micro-perforated grilles hide away any screws and mounting hardware, and the speakers themselves feature premium-grade components with RED (Reduced Edge Diffraction) technology. This patent-pending technology reduces the negative effects of diffraction while simultaneously improving midrange frequencies – and it’s all mounted inside your wall!

In-ceiling speakers add audio from above anywhere you need it. Add them to the living room to reduce shelf clutter or in the kitchen to keep your counters cleared. The same system that controls your home theater and outdoor entertainment can also manage your security and lighting control system with the help of Spire’s AV team!


Spire Is Your Home Integration Partner

The Spire Difference is a true tenet that we stand by. Our professional team is here for homeowners in the Birmingham area and beyond for all of their whole-home audio, motorized shades, automation, and other needs.


Send us a quick message by using our contact form to start a conversation. We can’t wait to hear from you!