Featured in Detroit Home Magazine: Winter 2013

Detroit Home Magazine Winter 2013Tips & Trends –  Control That Disappears:

Your eyes focus on the luxurious design, not the state-of-the-art technology that seamlessly controls every residence we work on. Spire collaborates to create custom solutions focused around an integrated lifestyle while maintaining the high-end design our clients expect.

Visit our immersive showroom to experience the integrated lifestyle and to truly understand the difference home integration can make!


With a powerful Savant System you can harness the power of your smart devices to monitor and communicate with your home. This Apple© based system gives you the familiarity of an iPad or iPhone interface with intimate control of your household systems such as: audio, video, lighting, climate and security. Simplify your life at home by harnessing the technology you already use.


Automated shades paired with your home’s automation system allows you to take advantage of passive solar gains. Let your home do the work for you – lowering shades to block out sun during the hot summer months, or raising shades to warm your home on those sunny but chilly winter days. With the new Coulisse Collection of designer fabrics from Lutron your shades can be matched perfectly with your style and decor, making them another part of your carefully crafted interiors.


Media rooms stuffed away in the basement are now a thing of the past. Combining today’s technology with sophisticated design, media rooms are now able to accommodate every aspect of your life in a single space. Your cozy living room with it’s roaring fireplace can transition into a full theater or concert experience with the touch of a single button.

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