Detroit Home Design Awards 2017

Spire Integrated Systems Wins Best in Home Theater

Detroit Home magazine hosts a yearly design award competition. The highly-sought-after awards recognize the year’s best in many categories. Spire is proud to have won 1st place in the Home Theater category for their very own theater room located at their Troy showroom.

In early 2016 Spire unveil their awe-inspiring home theater to showcase the latest in high performing technology. The original showroom home theater was built in 2012.  Over the years, the theater has inspired guests to purchase a home theater system for themselves. As time went on and technology evolved, Spire realized that in order to continue to impress, the theater would need to be completely redesigned and updated. The room was completely gutted and designed from the floor to the ceiling. The design of the room was in two parts:  aesthetics and technical.

Strategically placed wall and in-ceiling Meridian DSP speakers partnered with an audio processor provides the most immersive movie experience. Artnovion acoustic panels were hung on the walls to enhance the sound and overall design of the room.  Spire installed a hidden 4K Projector plus a 144″ CinemaScope screen delivering stunning, detail-packed images and incredibly lifelike color.

Spire added custom leather reclining sofas and a chaise lounge chair for the ultimate comfort. A beautiful wood cabinet was specifically designed to house their audio/visual processors and sub woofers. Blue LED lighting was installed in the ceiling and steps for the perfect ambience. Construction began in January 2016 and was ready to showcase May 6,2016.  The experience can be best described as “wow.”

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