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Why Use Motorized Window Treatments?

As a design professional, you know firsthand how window treatments benefit your clients’ homes. They enhance the overall aesthetic of the room, diffuse harsh light, and add a touch of style to any space. They are also key to creating the perfect light environment for media rooms, keeping a home at the right temperature, and even protecting your client’s family.

Though, any window treatments can provide some benefits, there are a whole host of advantages to upgrading to motorized shades. They often seem like a “nice-to-have” item at first, but continue reading below to find out how making the switch to motorized shades dramatically improves your client’s experience living in their home.

Add Window Treatments to More Windows

Most shading and drapery solutions don’t allow much flexibility when dealing with unusually shaped, tilted, or floor-to-ceiling windows. However, with Lutron motorized shades you can accommodate almost any style of window or space, while making typically hard to reach windows easy to use. By getting involved early in the design process, Spire will work with you to incorporate pocketed shades, flush mount shades, drapery tracks, and any other unique setup needed to cover virtually every window in your client’s home.

Elegant, Seamless Look

If you hate the look of pull-cords hanging from beautiful window treatments, you’re not alone. Your clients are likely also searching for more streamlined solutions. With motorized window treatments, they get quiet, seamless control with no strings attached.

Motorized window treatments not only improve the aesthetics of the spaces in your design by minimizing cords; they also give everyone the ability to control the window treatments through safe, accessible technology that everyone can use. Clients with children don’t have to worry about them getting hurt on the cord, and those with elderly family members can rely on voice control and remotes to aid those who can’t physically reach for the string.

Add Window Treatments to More Windows

Control the Natural Light in Your Home

Sunlight is an important part of any space that needs window treatments. When done correctly, it can transform a space by letting in just the right amount of sunlight. However, if you’re not careful, sunlight can also damage anything it touches – including all the beautiful fabrics and finishes you and your client spent hours selecting together. With manual shades, the best way to prevent UV damage is always to leave your blinds closed to avoid damage.

Motorized window treatments make it simple for homeowners to control natural light. They can enjoy the beautiful sunlight when it makes sense, but easily control motorized window treatments via keypads, apps or schedules to close them during high-light periods.

Aesthetic Consistency, Inside and Out

A common issue we have seen when working with a design professional to craft a comprehensive interior design is uneven shades. Misaligned shades and blinds are a real eyesore and can ruin the elegant look of a space. With manual shades, it can be hard if not impossible to find the ideal “open” level for each shade, and especially to get them to align evenly across multiple windows in a space. Lutron’s motorized shades include Intelligent Hembar Alignment™ which ensures shades not only open and close at the same speed but stop at precisely the same location across the entire house.

Why Choose Spire?

Choosing the right partner for your next motorized window treatment project can be the difference between a smooth, robust installation and a huge headache. Our partners in the design industry have told us about three main challenges they encounter when working with someone to incorporate motorized shades into their designs.

The first is creating a clearly defined, and aligned vision for the locations, style, and operation of the shades. Spire’s in-house design team makes coordinating between designers, architects, builders, and all other trades a breeze. We will work with those groups to develop plans and drawings that will make sure everyone is on the same page from the very beginning. Whether working with builders and architects to hide shades in pockets or adding tensioned shades for skylights, Spire’s design team has a solution.

Another challenge they face is finding a partner with the same commitment to a space’s design aesthetic that they have. Spire’s dedicated shade team are knowledgeable and experienced in delivering beautiful shading systems in the most challenging applications. Our team will work with you and your client to choose from a massive selection of standard and luxury shade materials and styles to match any type of space.

Finally, depending on how the project is approached, a motorized shade system can involve several groups or individuals to install. From specifiers, to people running wires, to installers, to programmers (usually all from different organizations), things can get confusing very quickly. With Spire, we handle everything end to end. From the initial measurements, to support of the system when the client moves into the home, there is a single point of contact – giving our partners peace of mind and allowing our clients to truly enjoy their living space.

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