Custom Home Design to Entertain

A Custom Home Designed to Entertain

This lavish 20,000-square-foot home in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan has been designed to integrate the entertaining lifestyle with the convenience of high performing technology. The newly built home hosts grand spaces, a theater room, a luxury spiral staircase, indoor and outdoor water features with color changing LED lights, and an incredible outdoor area, complete with a tennis court, pizza oven and an oversized spa.

Lighting and Shading

The front and rear security gates are integrated with the Lutron control system allowing the landscape lighting to turn on automatically when the gates open.

The outdoor kitchen is equipped with Lutron lights above the pizza oven for cooking day or night. The tunable white DMX lights installed in the floor illuminate the outdoor area’s special features such as the statues, grand pillars and glass floor.

To control the lighting and offer privacy from the large windows, Spire installed 46 Lutron shading systems throughout the home, in various levels of transparency, textures and colors. They seamlessly descend from hidden soffits that also contain the LED accent lighting. Extra deep pockets were used in some cases so that the shades could be staggered, minimizing light gaps in the corners. The customer changed their mind at the end of the project about shading solutions in a few rooms, so a wireless system was deployed and Lutron Triathlon wireless shades were added to ensure a consistent motorized experience in each room.

Custom Accents

Surrounding the staircase is the home’s four luxe water walls that flow from the third floor to the lower level, enhanced by DMX LED color changing lighting strips. Spire also used the LED strips in the home’s office, theater room, and even the equipment racks in the mechanical room.

A wet bar right outside the formal dining room features a motorized hidden liquor cabinet with Lutron lighting. With the proper touch sequence on the Lutron keypad, the cabinet lights up and the door rises revealing a fully stocked bar.

The lighting and shades are easily controlled using Savant. Energy saving modes were programmed to open and close the shades. Spire also coordinated the system to control the lighting, AV, security, fireplaces, and fountains.

The master bedroom features a large curved window looking out to the property from the bed. This presented a challenge in finding a location for the television in that room. A custom Future Automation TV lift was built into the ottoman at the end of the bed to solve this. As the TV rises up, the shades lower down over the windows to create an ideal viewing environment (see video). The master bathroom shower has tempered glass that frosts over when lights are turned on to create a private space.

Audio/Video and Automation

The home features 16 zones of video and 40 zones of audio including 3 full Sonance Landscape Systems installed in the foliage to deliver perfectly balanced sound throughout the property.

There is a large conference room that has Meridian speakers, Lutron shades, video conferencing, and custom acoustic treatment. The acoustic treatment and shades were necessary to cancel the echo caused by the very tall ceilings in the room and hard surfaces.

There is a full Meridian theater room in the lower level with 7.1 surround-sound, featuring DSP8000 loud speakers, a 4K projector, acoustic treatment, and custom seating.

The exterior of the multi-acre property is completely blanked with wifi using outdoor access points and fiber termination points. Surveillance cameras and landscape lighting help to keep the entire property secure from the front gate, all they way to the back gardens.

Design and Engineering Challenges

The very high ceilings, hidden pockets, cove ceilings and staggered corners with LED lighting in the same soffit made measuring and installing some of the shades quite challenging. There was a very limited amount of space, so the fabric roll up diameter had to be taken into account when designing the pockets. The tolerance between the roller and LED tape accent lighting ended up being less than ½”

The elegant spiral staircase posed a lighting control design challenge, since there were no places for a keypad close by. The solution: Illuminate the staircase when hidden motion sensors are tripped as you approach the stairway.

The end result left the homeowner so proud that he treats his many guests to showroom-like demonstrations and corporate events. Using the Savant and Lutron system, the homeowner enjoys creating and editing his own scenes to set the mood in the house. Every time a guest arrives, he simply presses the “show” button to set the lighting, shades, audio, and video to walk guests through, always ending the tour at his 3 full-size equipment racks featuring color changing LED lights.

  • Lutron Homeworks QS lighting
  • 12 RPM Dimming Panels
  • 5 shade power supply panels
  • 3 processors
  • 4 I/O controllers
  • 3 DMX controllers
  • 88 RPMs
  • 112 Lutron keypads
  • 46 Motorized Lutron Shades
  • DMX LED multi-color lighting strips

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