CinemaTechs New Taro Incliner

Combines “007 Looks and Cloud 9 Comfort”

If you’ve spent much time shopping for cool seating for your media room or home theater, you’ve probably come to the same realization I did years ago: most of them look pretty much alike. Sure, you may have a few styles to choose from, and customization options in terms of materials and motorization. But most of them are built primarily for comfort and longevity, with an eye toward blending in with the environment instead of standing out.


I can’t remember ever looking at a home theater seat and thinking, “Wow!” At least not before I saw CinemaTechs New Taro Incliner. I mean… look at this thing.


CinemaTechs New Taro Incliner


CinemaTech VP of Sales Barrett Whiteman says that there’s simply nothing remotely close to the Taro in the marketplace, and I’m going to back him up on that. The sleek contours. The brilliant mix of metals and woods and soft coverings (in your choice of leather, ultra‐suede, woven fabrics, and velours). This thing makes me want to build a spaceship just to have a setting worthy of its looks.


The customizations with CinemaTechs Taro Incliner go far beyond mere aesthetics, too. You can add dual reclining/inclining motors, for example. (And if you’re not hip to seating terminology, “inclining” refers to seats with motorized footrests that open upward, but with backrests that only shift slightly downward instead of leaning way back the way recliners do. I’m all about the incliner action when it comes to comfy movie watching.)


Not only that, but you can add full automation control, a motorized headrest, USB ports, LED lighting… the list goes on and on.


The CinemaTechs Taro Incliner is making its debut at this year’s Integrated Systems Europe show this week in Amsterdam, where the company is also showcasing its custom-designed, acoustically treated home theater environments. From the press release:


Working with some of the world’s finest designers, architects, builders, and audio/video integrators, CinemaTech has learned that the backbone of a truly exceptional home cinema is the spine‐tingling feeling when first walking into the space, as well as the subtle but profound ambiance when viewing the movie, concert, or other content that demands a unique “canvas” to view.


*Source: Dennis Burger, For the full article.