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The Magic Sound of Multi-Room Audio

Listening to music no longer has to be confined to the living room, basement or wherever the stereo is located. Today’s whole-home streaming audio solutions allow music to be enjoyed anywhere inside or outside the home. Whether the listener is relaxing in the tub, whipping up family dinner in the kitchen, splashing in the pool, entertaining guests in the rec room, or watching a surround-sound...

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Bring Unforgettable Entertainment Outdoors

Today’s variety of weather-resistant audio and video gear means you can enjoy the same entertainment experience outdoors as you do inside. Whether you’re watching the game on a flat-panel TV by the pool, listening to music on the patio with friends or hosting a neighborhood movie night in your backyard, the latest audio and video systems gives a whole new meaning to the great outdoors....

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8 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Video Conferencing

In today’s globalized business environment, the need to build strong relationships with partners, suppliers, internal teams, investors and customers is more important than ever. High-quality video conferencing solutions from Spire Integrated Systems with Lifesize technology enable you to communicate as effectively as actually being there in person, helping you to build the engaging relationships you need for success in business. Spire’s colboration with Lifesize enables...

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Five Technologies to Outfit Today’s Perfect Conference Room

Conference Room Technology New trends in Technology and evolving business needs are leading organizations to retrofit their conference rooms. They are converting them from mere meeting rooms to workplaces of the future. These new technologies in conference venues lead to the current effectiveness of today’s meetings. Let us take a look at five of the most relevant technologies which makes your workplace future ready. HD...

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Four Situations Where Wireless isn’t Good Enough

Wireless technology transforms the way businesses operate. When enterprise mobility is a major issue with small and medium sized organizations, and flexibility of operations often impacts how the client perceives a business, the utility and relevance of wireless communication cannot be sidelined. However, all technology comes with its limitations. Nonetheless, there is a way to bypass them and find a better route to attain objectives....

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