Audio-Video Design for Commercial Spaces

Audio-Video Design for Commercial Spaces

Now more than ever, commercial spaces are investing in design. Leon Speakers bring a creative approach to audio-video design with customizable products that balance design with technology. From Fortune 500 companies to higher-education, hospitality, and more, they bring sound and style to businesses throughout the world.

“In any kind of room where people are interacting, having meetings, or spending a lot of time, you don’t want to be thinking about the technology around you, you want to be thinking about the work in front of you.” –Noah Kaplan, President & Founder/Leon Speakers

Spire’s VP, Jason Bellanti sits down with Leon Speakers to discuss audio for commercial spaces and how it can help their everyday function.

“Having a wall with a TV or display where a camera just blends in, really seems to be worth the investment for our client.” – Jason Bellanti, VP Spire Integrated Systems.

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