Spire Integrated Systems, Inc. began its amazing journey long before its foundation in July of 2001. Navot Shoresh, owner and President, began his relationship with the tech industry while in the Israel Army Special Forces. After his service ended, he worked for an Israeli cable TV company before moving to Michigan in 1994. Here in America, he attended the University of Michigan Dearborn studying electrical engineering. While working in the industry for a Satellite TV company, and later at an audio visual company, he saw an opportunity to provide high quality audio visual systems, coupled with excellent service, and decided to start his own company.

Spire began quite humbly with just 3 employees and a small office space in Pleasant Ridge Michigan. In 2005 Spire was proudly recognized by Lutron for a Best Programming Excellence award. By 2006 the company had doubled its employee count, and in 2007 moved its offices to Troy.

2007 was the same year the recession began to heavily affect businesses throughout Michigan. Spire realized a need to diversify, and looked outward to other states for work. Spire contracted a project in Columbus, OH that laid the ground work for out-of-state jobs. This experience and knowledge lead to large projects in California and Florida. During this time, the Spire team developed a process to complete the work effectively, including partnering with local companies to service the systems after installation. Spire’s strategic planning and connections allowed them to successfully expand their services nationally.



Spire Integrated Systems continued to grow, hired more employees, hosted many interns, and moved to its current larger location: 2786 Industrial Row Drive, Troy, Michigan. In 2012 Spire built and showcased a new showroom as an aesthetic manifestation of the company’s determination and hard work.

Now, Spire Integrated Systems currently employees over 20 employees; provides services nationwide; is the recipient of 8 industry awards, is consistently featured in magazines; and has hosted several product launch events exclusively for Michigan. This year Spire has achieved the highest dealer statuses for Savant, Control 4 and Lutron.


Spire Integrated Systems founded a program called “Movie Rooms For Kids” for local hospitals. Spire and their vendors donate a portion of their business’s proceeds to create a fully-integrated movie room system that allows children and their families to enjoy a state-of-the-art home theater experience during their hospital stay. Spire’s goal is to provide some comfort and normalcy to the lives of hospitalized children.

In addition to “Movie Rooms for Kids” program, Spire has also shown their philanthropic spirit by donating to many charities over the years. Spire is committed to giving back to both the local community and those in need overseas.



Spire’s mission is to create innovative audiovisual and control system solutions that maintain a balance between value, aesthetics and simplicity of design with emphasis on performance.

-Vision Statement-

Spire’s vision is to create a lasting relationship with every client.

Spire – “the people, integrity and resources for a complete solution”.


Spire Integrated Systems is always looking over the horizon for new opportunities. With an emphasis on unique business and multi-use environments, Spire is looking to expand the commercial division in Michigan to Detroit’s rapidly growing downtown, as well as continue its current work in downtown Birmingham.

Northern Michigan provides another avenue for progress, and Spire is expecting to open up a satellite location in Traverse City MI in late 2016. Featuring a local service department, the new office will offer the award winning design and installation that Spire is known for.