3 Reasons Spire Loves Savant Home Automation

Exterior view of a home with landscape and interior lighting controlled with Savant home automation.

Experience Style, Convenience, and Luxury at the Tap of a Button

Your Michigan home is your retreat from the rest of the world. It’s where you begin and end your day: the space where you relax, entertain yourself, and spend time with family and friends in various ways. Because you spend so much time there, it’s important that you are comfortable and enjoy it to the fullest. 

Savant home automation not only improves your comfort while at home in the Traverse City area, but it adds a layer of luxury many homeowners think is only possible in futuristic science fiction films – but the future is now! Keep reading below to learn three reasons why Spire loves incorporating total home control and automation from Savant for our clients’ projects.

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1. Intuitive App Control

The Savant Pro app gives homeowners the power to control motorized shades, lights, locks, the security system, an AV system, and more from the convenience of one app! Pull out your smartphone or tablet, or use on-wall and tabletop touchscreen displays to view and manage the smart devices across your whole home. The interface is intuitive regardless of the device you want to operate, and you can customize your experience and set user profiles for other family members, too. Set your favorite devices to show on the main screen, and tap and swipe your way to managing any room, any device, any way you’d like!


2. Remote Smart Home Management

You can also control your Savant-powered technologies from anywhere on the globe. Need to let the dog walker or delivery person into your home while you’re away? Unlock and lock smart locks and view security camera footage remotely from your smartphone. This remote management feature is perfect whether you’re on vacation for a few days or simply across town at your workplace for the day.


3. Scalable Home Automation

Savant home automation is a scalable smart home solution that suits the needs of a variety of homeowners and their daily lifestyles. Perhaps you’d like to start with a high-performance AV installation in the media room. Later, you can incorporate smart lighting that dims to the perfect setting and motorized window treatments that lower to block out glare whenever you initiate the ‘Movie Time’ smart scene! Throughout your home, you can automate Ketra lighting to shift throughout the day to mimic the sun’s color temperature. Using the same intuitive Savant system, you can also arm the alarm system or change the ambiance of a room in just a few swipes of your finger. Nearly anything is possible with a Savant smart home.


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