Header Spire Integrated 2018 Holiday Tech Guide

2018 Holiday Tech Guide

Every year during this time, our Spire team likes to review some of our favorite technology. Whether you’re looking for a unique gift or something new to enhance your technology, here is our 2018 Holiday Tech Guide listing 8 products that would make a perfect addition to any home.

Apple Air Pods Spire Integrated 2018 Holiday Tech Guide

1. Apple AirPods

When Spire’s VP General Manager, Jason Bellanti is on the go, he reaches for his Apple Airpods. They’re his go-to for enjoying high-quality music with the power of making hands-free phone calls. Their dual beamforming microphones filter out background noise allowing him to be heard clearly when he makes phone calls from out of the office.

The Apple AirPods are great for a busy person who needs technology that can keep up with them. Ready to go when you are, AirPods are automatically on and always connected. They can sense when they’re in your ears and pause when you take them out. You don’t have to worry about very much downtime. They deliver an industry-leading 5 hours of listening time on one charge and a charging case that holds multiple additional charges for more than 24 hours.

HAY Sonos One Spire Integrated 2018 Holiday Tech Guide

2. HAY Sonos One Limited Edition Collection

Sonos and the renowned Danish furnishings brand HAY have reimagined Sonos One in five colors from HAY’s 2018 palette. The HAY Sonos One Limited Edition Collection is a perfect blend of sound technology and home design. This compact yet powerful speaker is perfect for the music lover or fashionista. Spire’s Support Specialist, Jeremy Turpen is impressed by both the sound quality and the contemporary color options that can express anyone’s personal style.


3. Ketra Lighting

One of the most revolutionary technology this year is Ketra through the creation of a new category: Natural Light. Erika Nielsen, Spire’s Lighting Specifier, is impressed with how the technology can completely change your space. Mimicking the natural rise and fall of the sun, Ketra’s tunable light creates high-quality white, pastels, and saturated color enhancing the look of any space.

Ketra Lighting is perfect for the health-conscious individual looking for more ways to improve their wellness at home. From the energizing midday sun to the familiar, soothing glow of a candle, Ketra brings the natural light indoors to synchronizing circadian rhythms to help be more productive during the day and get better rest at night.

B&W 700 Series Spire Integrated 2018 Holiday Tech Guide

4. B&W 700 Series

Any audiophile will be impressed by the studio-grade range of Bowers & Wilkins 700 Series speakers. Spire’s Owner, Navot Shoresh, listens to these in his own home and enjoys how these speakers relay textural details with breathtaking clarity. It sounds just like experiencing your favorite artists perform live in concert. Whether he wants to fill the whole house with studio quality sound or have his own listening experience in his favorite room these speakers do not disappoint.

OLED Spire Integrated 2018 Holiday Tech Guide

5. OLED TV Display

Everyone knows a movie buff that wants to be completely immersed in their video experience. The OLED TV Display does just that by capturing life through a screen – full of detail, depth, textures, and colors. Any viewer will have an exhilarating experience watching action-packed scenes that look stunningly real. The secret sauce here is in the pixels. Their ability to be turned off completely to deliver absolute black. This provides unparalleled contrast and makes colors look more vibrant.

Samsung Frame Spire Integrated 2018 Holiday Tech Guide 2

6. Samsung Frame

The Samsung Frame is revolutionizing the way we think about televisions and home decor. Perfect for the design-conscious person like Maddie McKee, Web Designer at Spire, this TV will be a statement piece that blends seamlessly into a homes’ décor by transforming into a gallery-like artwork experience when television is not being viewed. She loves how the Samsung 4K UHD TV displays not only artwork and pictures but also movies and shows with life-like clarity. There’s no limit to how the Samsung Frame can be used. It goes beyond entertainment and becomes an expression of you.

Hartmann & Forbes Woven to Size Macrame Motorized Window Treatments Spire Integrated 2018 Holiday Tech Guide

7. Woven-to-Size Macrame Motorized Window Treatments

The Macrame motorized window treatments by Hartmann & Forbes aren’t just a way to add privacy and style to your home. As a finalist for Interior Design’s 2018 ‘Best of the Year’ award, they would make the perfect gift for those who love interior design or simply creating a sophisticated home environment. Spire’s custom Lutron motorization capabilities allow them to be controlled with a touch of a button or put on timers. With one less thing to worry about, these will save anyone some much needed time and provide peace of mind.

Sonance Landscape Series Spire Integrated 2018 Holiday Tech Guide 2

8. Sonance Landscape Series

We all know someone who loves to spend every moment outdoors. For the person who doesn’t want their sound experience to stop when they open the doors, Sonance Landscape Series speakers are perfect. Spire North Director, Mike Waligorski has seen these in action. He loves how they seamlessly integrate into a lake house lifestyle and make being outside even more enjoyable. Whether you want to set soft ambient music for an evening of relaxation or pump up the music for a weekend gathering, Sonance speakers are completely scalable to set any mood with perfectly-even coverage.

Spire Integrated Systems specializes in the design and installation of innovative home technology. Contact us for additional information on these products or to schedule a tour of our showroom for a hands-on experience of the latest in home technology.